A very good customer of ours asked if we would like to help him drive three of his cars to his house in Barcelona, Spain. After removing the cars from our storage facility we set about preparing the cars for the 840 miles non-stop trip from Dieppe to Barcelona. The cars were a 2010 Mercedes SLS AMG, 2000 Ferrari 456 GTA and a 1994 Porsche 993 cabriolet. With five drivers the convoy left Worthing on a Friday evening towards Newhaven to catch the night ferry to Dieppe. After arriving in France at 5am the cars were driven non-stop the length of France over the Pyrenees and into Spain, just stopping for fuel and food. After 12.5 hrs the convoy arrived safe and well in Barcelona. The next morning the cars were placed in the garages at our customers house all the batteries disconnected and dust covers fitted, all what was left was to catch a flight back to Gatwick. What a weekend!