The Salon Prive Concours D`Elegance was held in Syon Park London. With over £65 million pounds worth of cars on display. This invitation only event makes this the most prestigious Concours D`Elegance held in the UK.

This year one of our customers was invited to present her vehicle in the Class H open top category ‘the wind in the hair’ class. The vehicle in question is a 1956 W188.013 Mercedes-Benz 300 Sc Cabriolet A. This was a vastly expensive car when new costing more than the iconic Gullwing and with only 49 cabriolet A`s made during the 1955 to 1958 production run it is an equally rare model too.

This particular 300 Sc belongs to the wife of the original owner and has only covered 45,000 miles from new it is in extremely original condition. We have been maintaining the car for over 18 years insuring reliability of this 57 year old vehicle to travel to various national and international shows and photo shoots . It is believed it is the only 300 Sc which has not received any restoration, which after 57 years is remarkable and testament to the materials and build quality of these cars.

At the request of the owner, John Haynes was in attendance at Syon Park to help in the preparation and display of the car and to talk about the car on a more technical level.

As you would expect the car was well received and was awarded 3rd in its class as well as a 1st as the most orignal post war car. As the 300Sc was competing against open cheque book restored cars we felt third place was very respectable.

The saying goes ‘you can restore a car many times but it is only original once’ This sums this car up perfectly.

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