Mercedes Youngtimers




The new generation has arrived…… Mercedes-Benz from the 1980’s and 1990’s are fast becoming the new trend for many enthusiasts, owners and even collectors.

Over the last three years we have commissioned and restored as many Youngtimers from the 1980’s and 1990’s as we have Classic Mercedes-Benz from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

As we sweep into 2018 the demand for restoring the iconic Classic is still very much there but the demand for quality restoration in the new breed of Youngtimers is growing and growing.

There is a real focus and connection from a new generation who can afford to restore the vehicles they grew up with.

At the moment you could say the enthusiasts rule the Youngtimer market, they are in tune with their cars they know what they want, and they know what they are getting.

Restoration, associated costs and timescales are not to be taken lightly, more people feel comfortable spending money on Classics from the 1950’s, 1960‘s and 1970’s due to their current values, but the individual of the new generation feels a mix of nostalgia, passion and a sense of ‘this is what I want’ results in the journey of the ‘Youngtimer bracket’ vehicle being put back to the original and former splendour.

There is a recurring pattern of enquiries from customers considering the option of restoring their Youngtimer vehicle without that ‘I am crazy’’ question keeping them awake at night.

We embrace the new challenges as the new wave of restorations come to us and our Bodyshop and Mechanics are enjoying the change.

Our focus whether on a 1960’s 600 Pullman or a 1990’s 560SEL remains the same, the time spent, workmanship and attention to detail is uncompromised – it goes without saying.

We have recently commenced back to back W124 restorations, a 1995 E220 Saloon car and a 1994 E320 Cabriolet. The level of detail these cars will receive will ensure they are better than when they left the factory and the longevity will keep those owners happy for many years to come, no doubt proving a great decision for pure enjoyment.


2015 – 2016 2017 – 2018
1969 28SL 1966 600
1974 600 1969 280SL
1966 230SL 1973 250CE
1970 280SE 3.5 CPE 1970 280SE 3.5CPE
1970 280SE 3.5 CAB 1994 E220
1960 190SL 1995 E320 CAB
1960 220SE PONTON CAB 1983 500SEL
1990 560SEL

Do you have a classic that you want to be restored?

Contact us via our email form or call 01903 500 000

Do you have a classic that you want to be restored?

Contact us via our email form or call 01903 500 000