280SL (R107)

Water ingress is a common problem for the 1971-1989 R107 Mercedes SL and SLC.

Our Classic Body shop are frequently faced with undertaking works to cure the water ingress that can appear on the R107 Models.

The common problem of water into the front footwells comes through the bulkhead/ heater plenum chamber. These rust through adjacent to the baffle plates and drain hole tubes.

This bulkhead area can usually be repaired by fabricating in a new section and cutting out all corroded metal.

With improved material and methods of sealing, priming, painting and treating metal than were available when new this now becomes a once only permanent repair.

Water ingress to the footwells can also occur through internal corrosion of the drains in the side of the sill panels. Once the drain tubes have rusted through they allow water to collect in the sill panel lower seam area to the floor pans, eventually rusting through to outer edges of the floor pans to sills.

The sill panels play a very important part in the structure of an SL and should not be patch repaired.