500SEL – Armoured

Every so often we get something a little out of the ordinary to work on and restore, this 500SEL left the factory in 1986 for the Qatar Royal Family. The vehicle included thick bullet proof glass, armoured body panels and secret panic alarm buttons, these were just some of the differences you don’t find on the average W126 S Class

This Mercedes-Benz 500SEL was delivered to us to completely restore throughout, the factory build to the vehicle for the armour plating had not been successful in preventing water ingress into the body and doors.

The 50mm thick glass used in all the doors as well as the front and rear screens had poor sealing to the surround rubbers.

It had suffered from insufficient drainage resulting in the excessive corrosion shown in some of the photographs to the doors and screen apertures.

As part of the restoration our Body shop carried out work to fabricate additional drain tubes into the screen aperture to collect and track water away and out through the rear wheel houses.

The vehicle was fully bare metal stripped, seam sealed, primed and painted to original Nautic Blue Metallic. The cosmetic restoration also included a full re-trim in hard to obtain original Blue Velour as well as either replacing or re-chroming all Chrome work around the vehicle.

A mechanical overhaul was carried out on the engine, transmission, suspension, brake system and tyres this was carried out crucially with the specific weight of this vehicle in mind.
On completion the vehicle now sits proudly as a Museum piece.