MERCEDES 280SE/9 3.5 Cp

This 280SE/9 3.5 Cp was brought to us for appraisal and although in fair condition the owner wished for a full restoration to be carried out.

Our timeline for restoration on this vehicle was 12 months.

All parts were pre purchased and held on reserve to ensure no price increases from date of the agreed estimate and of course ensuring the availability of all parts when commencing the restoration.

This particular vehicle benefitted from being very solid and fairly corrosion free which is a great platform which to work from.

The restoration flowed well and all body work was carried out in sync with the chrome work, trim work and wood work being prepared for the overall re-assembly.

All mechanical items were attended to as well as the fitment of Behr Air-Conditioning which is something we can fit to exacting specifications.

The conclusion of this restoration presented a superb example of an extremely desirable model of Classic Mercedes-Benz.