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John Haynes Mercedes is a true family business. Many members of our team have been with us since our earliest days, and our customers benefit enormously from their experience and loyalty. Every one of us is a genuine Mercedes-Benz enthusiast. It’s this authentic love of the product and the work, combined with our technical skills and dedication, which has always made John Haynes Mercedes special – and will continue to do for years to come.

Simon Haynes

Simon has worked in the family business since 1992.

‘We are a true family business still trading in high standards and high customer service but one of the most satisfying parts of our business is having people respect your company and what you do’


‘I have worked hands on in all departments across the business, when I first started I worked everywhere, in the workshop, parts department and service reception this gave me an insight into how the business operated, as the years have passed I have helped grow the company at a sensible pace, ensuring we never dilute our quality but being able to service the demand of work we always have’


‘Our business is built on core values and always will be, I learned from a fairly early age from my father that it was important set and achieve high standards, work hard to build a relationship with your customer base and invest time to look after your staff’

Today John Haynes is one of the most established independent Mercedes-Benz specialists in the UK.

‘We help customers repair, maintain and improve their vehicles, there is a definite importance to listen to customers and understand what they want from their vehicles, involve them and then guide them as best possible’.


Simon’s vision now is to continue to maintain the high standards set and lead the company in to the future.

‘I believe our business is unique in terms of the depth of knowledge and expertise across such a span of time and models, we do not specialise in one era or one specific model of Mercedes-Benz, to be able to have the knowledge, tooling, literature and skilled staff to work on every single model of Mercedes-Benz produced since the 1950’s is something we are extremely proud of’

Simon has a drive and enthusiasm which he tries to install in to all his staff.

Stuart Haynes

Stuart has worked in the family business since 1988.

Today, Stuart works within and oversees our Classic Department ensuring the standard of workmanship the company achieve is first class for all our customers.


‘When I left school at 16 years old I started full time as an apprentice mechanic. I had seen how my Father worked and talked about cars, so for me it was natural to follow in his footsteps. I had grown up in and around the family business so I had already built up a real passion for Mercedes-Benz, I bought a W108 Mercedes 280SE and spent all my spare time and weekends mechanically restoring it, the bodywork was done by a local coachwork company which I paid for by working and saving hard. I finished the restoration by the time I was 18 years old, I still own the car today’


Stuart sets the company standard which ensures owners feel comfortable knowing their classic cars are in the right place for any type of works or even simple advice.

‘We have worked hard to have a large and loyal customer base who have been entrusting their vehicles to us for many years, we also welcome new custom each month and begin our relationship with these customers and their vehicles too, I am sure we will be offering the same level of service for Mercedes-Benz owners for many years to come’


Stuart doesn’t like to compromise so his vision is to carry on evolving the business to deliver the best quality and service.

‘The business has changed from when I first started, in the late 1980’s and 1990’s we mainly serviced and repaired vehicles as the cars were used every day and were not so old of course, now we have moved on 30 plus years we now have a bespoke restoration department, our own body shop as well as having a department which continue to service, repair and maintain any Mercedes-Benz from the 1950’s through to the Modern Classics of the 1980’s and 90’s’.

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