Modern servicing

Mercedes-Benz servicing experts

Regular servicing is important for a vehicles history, resale value and of course long term reliability.

A regular service should not only maintain your vehicle to its peak performance but also provide you with a report of condition. It should give advice on any repairs which may be needed so these can be programmed in for future attention.

With modern day servicing, computer diagnosis plays a major part in evaluating faults that can be recorded in a vehicles memory bank. So for this it is important that servicing is carried out by qualified technicians with Mercedes-Benz experience and genuine Mercedes-Benz equipment.

Unrivalled experience

At John Haynes our service department technicians have decades of Mercedes-Benz factory training. Our two Mercedes-Benz Master Technicians have evolved through the models from the past to the present completing all aspects of the mark.

Their experience in the field of Modern Mercedes is essentially fault finding, however Master Technicians are not the only trained staff you need to work on Mercedes-Benz. Our service and repair technicians are also Mercedes-Benz trained in their own right and certificated by Mercedes-Benz UK.

Bespoke service

We have a state of the art servicing workshop facility, with full Mercedes-Benz diagnostic and other specialist equipment to ensure your car receives precisely the care and attention it needs. At every stage, from making your booking to collecting your keys, our friendly, enthusiastic Service Reception team is on hand to keep you up-to-date, and offer advice and assistance.


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Mercedes-Benz trained team, including two Master Technicians

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Complete suite of Mercedes-benz diagnostic equipment and tools

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Genuine Mercedes-benz parts

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Mercedes-benz COURTESY VEHICLE while your car is with us

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Comfortable reception area with complimentary refreshments and wi-fi

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We’re true Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, with experience and expertise acquired over more than 50 years with the marque.

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To find out more and make a booking

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