1966 230SL Running fault

A 1966 230SL W113 arrived at the garage with a running fault. After 15 Minutes the car would stall and after 10 Minutes would restart and run for another 15 Minutes and stall again.

The garage in Kent who had recommissioned the car after being in storage for 14 years had come up against a brick wall after replacing many parts, hence the car being trailered to us to rectify.

As with many Mercedes-Benz of this era prolonged storage can cause many problems with the car. One of the faults is rust and corrosion internally to the fuel tank due to high moisture content in the fuel tank. What happens is the rust particles break off and block the tank, fuel pump, and main fuel filter causing fuel starvation and stalling due to the lack of fuel reaching the engine.

As you can see from the photos this was the case with this car showing heavy internal rust and corrosion to the fuel tank, (the outside of the tank was in fine condition). A new Mercedes-Benz fuel tank, fuel gauge sender unit all new filters and flush out of the fuel system had the car running very well and after a 60 minute road test and re-tune, the car was delivered back to the owner in Kent.

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