This 1969 Mercedes 250CE/8 was first registered in Iceland but has spent much of its recent life in London. The owner of the vehicle wished to restore it to its original quality and eventually return to its country of origin.

1969 Mercedes 250CE/8 restored interior

An appraisal was carried out which formed the basis for a detailed estimate which in certain areas due to be parts availability would be fairly challenging.

With all parts sourced and pre purchased the restoration commenced, our timeline dictated a 15 month restoration due to so much bodywork to be carried out.

With most of the body requiring new panels the vehicle spent the first 7 months in our body shop before returning for the re-assembly stages.

This restoration resulted in some of the best work we have carried out as it is a model rarely restored, when completed the result was an exceptional looking vehicle, both ourselves and the customer were extremely pleased.

A really great model of Mercedes-Benz in a very cool and sharp looking colour combination.

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